So today has been a pretty hard day for all to swallow… Farrah woke up super grumpy and it lasted pretty much most of the day… but only when we were in the car… how strange!

We got to play with our Moby which really was quite awesome and we really enjoyed it all of the times we were in it!  We even took a mighty nice nap in it too!  So, okay, the day wasn’t ALL bad 🙂
I have also been reading all of the wonderful facebook messages of various moms out there who have recently, or not so recently, given birth and while I am sooooooo proud of each and every one of you, I am trying to figure out what is wrong with me that I am not in this same and wonderful boat you call weight loss.
I lost about 20 pounds when Farrah popped out and I have since….. GAINED pounds!  Now normally I wouldn’t worry but when I am sitting here with breasts larger than Asia and thighs and a butt to match I am really really really upset!  I each healthier than when I was pregnant, we walk practically every day in some shape or form AND I play we and stay active.  I clean constantly, carry laundry up and down the stairs, carry the baby, and here’s the kicker… I NURSE!  Apparently, you should lose about 500 calories A DAY  by nursing… I don’t think it’s working.
While my baby is super healthy and I couldn’t ask for more!  It would be nice to wear something other than maternity pants… or even wear some t-shirts without my arms ripping apart the sleeves.  That’s right folks, my arms are actually TOO fat for my sleeves!
This is probably the most depressing post I have ever written… I just don’t know what to do otherwise!
Seriously… I am about to rip my hair out as I am so uncomfortable in my body I hate even looking at myself in the mirror… I try and make myself feel better by dressing nice or whatever, but my clothes don’t fit! Pre-pregnancy I was a slim (okay maybe a little small) size 4…. post pregnancy brings me to a 12, and sometimes I can’t even button the buttons!  What the hell did I do to deserve this awful craptastic body!  Today, I was walking, and MY THIGHS WERE RUBBING TOGETHER!!!! Seriously?????!!!!!
I really wish that I could say that looking at my child makes this all go away, but unfortunately, as wonderful and perfect and beautiful as she is, there is still the part of me that wishes I was just as wonderful, perfect and beautiful again… 
So to all those wonderful moms out there who have lost their weight already, including those of you who gave birth A WEEK AGO, congrats to you!  Would you like all of the clothing in my wardrobe, as I can no longer wear them.