Every year our “twin cities” hosts a Worldwide Day of Play, where families and friends are encouraged to get their butts off of the couch and outside! As luck would have it, every year has been an exceptionally beautiful day (although this year, AFTER activities were finished the rain came down and came down hard). About six different sites host some sort of activity for people to be involved in… and the best part???? IT’S FREE!!!!!!! (Except for the Children’s Museum, which is a $1)

Farrah and Daddy had a day of their own as mom was presenting at a Music Therapy State Meeting. In the morning, they stopped by the meeting and while I was hoping that Farrah would allow me to use her as a prop in our presentation, she decided it best to climb in and out of the stroller seat.
Following this cameo, they proceeded to Tipton Park (which is nice and close to home, just in case) and ran around the activities set up: An obstacle Course! She even got swing and this time, SHE LOVED IT! When she started to get cranky (I would too with all of that activity and no food!), they had a little picnic on the benches. I’m kind of sad that I missed such a great day!

They day, however, was far from over! After a long day for Mom with presenting and a long nap for Farrah and rest for Daddy, we were off to a friends wedding. Wow… she ran around A LOT!