So today was a great day in Farrah history… no it wasn’t.

She woke up this morning (an hour later than recent usual) and I went into her room to go and get her up and ready and as soon as I opened the door I could smell it… it was awful! It was disgusting! It was… vomit!
apparently, sometime in the night, Farrah rolled over, threw up, wiped her mouth with her sleeve and went back to sleep IN IT! She woke up with vomit crust all over her face and pajamas. Meanwhile, not a peep out of her, so mommy and daddy slept like logs and never went to help! Who knew?!
Wouldn’t you know that the silly little girl was FINE! Acting as if nothing ever happened! Jumping around her crib, laughing, squealing and just being sooo happy. I took her temperature and it was normal so off to daycare she went.
She wasn’t too hungry, but napped well… only drank half of her afternoon bottle…
We got home and played in the grass, as we always do on nice days. Pointed at birds, trees, stupid neighbors and acted as if last night never happened.
Daddy came home, we jumped in his arms. Came back to mommy and we were dancing on the kitchen counter and BAM! Right on mommy’s arm… VOMIT! Took a breathe and BAM! Vomit AGAIN! All over the kitchen floor, counter, clothing, cabinets… you name it, it hit it!
Needless to say, there was enough to feed a small army.
and this my friends, was a first in Farrah history.