The weather here has become… well… Winter! I swear I was just walking around without a coat not too long ago! But now, as the mercury drops and the daylight becomes less, we start to see our snow days pile up. In fact, Monday was a “Cold Day” for Michael as the windchill and previous snowfall caused some pretty low temperatures around Central Illinois.
With our extra day with Daddy, we decided to do some indoor activities (Although we did attend music class AND pictures with Santa earlier that day).
Yes, I eat snow

When the windchill hits -12, it’s time to quite making our way outside fro fun. So, we brought the OUTSIDE, INSIDE! Daddy filled our sensory tub with SNOW!!!!! Mommy filled it with THINGS! All three of us had a grand time… whether we ate some (thankfully not yellow) or threw it in the air, or built a mini snowman.
Snow Sensory Tub:
Plastic Tub (the bigger the better of course)
Splat Mat or Waterproof something for underneath… no one wants to ruin the floors
Little Plastic Toys, Spoons, Cups… WHATEVER!
A Kid willing to throw their hands into the snow with no question! (We have one you can borrow if you really want to do this activity!)

Put it all in the tub and just watch and the little minds start working.
Fill the cups, Dump the Cups.
Build A Snowman
Hide the toys