Here is another fantastic, no-mess, activity that I have carefully stolen from The Frugal Family Fun Blog!

Printout Picture (This one came from Activity Village)
Masking Tape
Circle Stickers (Or any stickers you choose)

Tape down the picture (so that your child can’t move it around), give him/her a page of stickers (I cut these in half and only gave her some) and watch him/her go!
Farrah had some difficulty taking the stickers off of the page, which I anticipated, as I had just cut her nails and her fine motor skills aren’t perfect yet! I removed each one slightly so that she could lift it off. Once it was removed from the sticker page, she new exactly what to do!
She was concentrating so hard and sometimes I couldn’t help but laugh! She hasn’t yet shown this much interest in anything for longer than say A MINUTE! This activity had us going for almost a Half Hour! She kept asking for more each and clapping for each one she placed on the sheet. She knew which side was sticky and which was not! It was really great to see!

I am glad to see that she had so much fun and I will pull this one out again during the rainy days or cold months.
In other news, I got our messy board in the mail! I can finally do some “Messy” activities without worrying about my rug!