This past weekend Granny came to visit and boy did we have a blast! Since living in this house, we have made a point of making a yearly pilgrimage (okay, an hour drive) to Tanners Orchard in Spear, IL. This year, we had the joy of bringing along Granny, for our wonderful adventure!

This is just after pretending the pumpkin was a toilet! Yeah, that is a habit we need to squash. 😉

We were fearful at first… hiding behind mommy’s leg! Int he end, she let the goat eat out of her hand… She giggled with excitement!

Three generations. I love this picture!

What would a sunny day be without some shadow play?

We practiced a lot of following directions… pick the apple, put it in the bag. Our first try was pick the apple, throw it like a ball. Oops!

I’m on a bus!