I know it has been a long time since Eric Carle’s Birthday (June 25), but I have been really busy putting life and work back together!  However, I have had a little spare time to do some sewing, which brings me to my Eric Carle post.  Everyone loves Eric Carle and it seems to have made it’s way into the super mainstream as of late. Personally, I remember Eric Carle since well before I could even read a book!  Needless to say, he and his stories are everywhere.

Pottery Barn has an awesome bed set:

image from Pottery Barn Kids

And Robeez jumped in on the action too!

One of our favorite books here is “Brown Bear, Brown Bear” because it is easily singable and super repetitious!  In honor of this book, and because I found the cutest fabric, I made these:

“Brown Bear, Brown Bear” Bean Bags


I have made a few sets as gifts for some of my clients graduating from Early Intervention and some as gifts for some friends.  They are easy, affordable and fun!

We often use them in our sessions for matching games, social games, motor control (tossing/catching) and sometimes, just as something to hold (it can be calming to squeeze them in your hands and some of my kids need that).  I am often asked for the bean bags when I get into a session, they are just that much fun!

What do you do to enhance a children’s storybook? When your “craft-bug” hits, what sort of things do you make?

If interested, please contact me for pricing and availability: Meryl@DevelopingMelodies.com
As long as the fabric is available, I am able to make them 🙂