I was at the Children’s Discovery Museum a few months ago playing with my daughter and saw the most amazing thing!  I was set up at the most perfect height for the itty bitties, there were several different colored items involved, it was an ever changing array of fun!  It was something that completely intrigued my daughter and kept her busy for quite some time!  I knew then that I had to have one!

I first went on the internet and found the perfect one, but the price was not perfect.  So I went to my husband and he did some research himself.

Many nights were spent in the basement cutting, measuring, sanding and tinkering and then yesterday he emerged from the basement with the most wonderful new toy!

Daddy made us a really awesome…. wait for it…. LIGHT BOX!!!!!!!! It was far less expensive than buying one outright and he had a lot of fun making it too!  So now, Farrah can enjoy this wonderful present whenever!

Here are some things that you can do with YOUR light table:

1) Fill a small Ziploc bag of water and a handful of colored transparent beads.  Secure it with tape.
2) Mix water and food coloring and put in a secured bag, watch it swirl.
3) Mix paint in a secured bag (Like we did Here) and watch it through the light.
4) After taping the creases on the light box edges, put a handful or three or four of sand and writing letters or draw pictures with your fingers
5) Get some of these blocks and start to learn about colors.
6) Do the same as above but cut circles from this cellophane.

There are so many things that you can do with this table!  Let me know if you have any more ideas, we would love to incorporate them!