It is pretty safe to say that my daughter LOVES to clean (unless it is right before bedtime).  Her cleaning fascination started with windows and has escalated to laundry.

I can’t say I mind it much, she just loves folding and has, on several occasions, asked me to stop doing laundry so that she can fold it herself.  She even takes folded clothing out of her drawers, unfolds it, and folds it again.

So, what is so great about a three year old and folding?  Let me tell you…

Folding clothing, blankets and towels allows a child to meet and cross his/her midline, which is one very important skill that will lead to so many other skills. When a child meets his/her midline, they are engaging in bilateral coordination. Bilateral coordination allows us to move both sides of our body at the same time like when we walk down the street, climb a rock wall, running and even riding a bike.  Bilateral coordination also allows for further development in cognitive skills such as reading, and writing.

So what are you waiting for?  Get on the folding train and have your child help you with the laundry.

While you’re at it, sing this little ditty:

(Tune of Row, Row, Row, Boat)

Fold, Fold, Fold your clothes

Neatly in a pile

Matching corners and the sides

Folding makes me smile


Do you have any songs or chants that help you and your child do household chores?  Leave a comment below and let us know!

BTW, you can read a bit more about crossing midline and its importance over at the Music Therapy Maven.