Let me preface this post in saying that I am NOT a rap artist, nor do I aspire to be.  However, the kids love what I do and we all get a nice laugh and good time out of it.  That being said, let me introduce you to the Many Little Hearts, Many Little Moves rap and movement activity.  This is the second Valentine’s Day that I will be working with the early childhood population, and equally appropriate, the second Valentine’s Day type of activity that I am presenting to you.  You can see last year’s over here.  Each activity presents the participants with a skill, either soon to be acquired, newly acquired or in some cases newly mastered.  Last year was matching.  This year is movement (gross motor to be more specific) and following a one-step directive.


Foam Hearts, Paper Hearts, Magnetic Hearts (any heart-like thing you can write on and hand out to the kids when needed)
Label each heart with a movement word, as shown in the picture above.  One resource is over at Make Me Musical with Susan Seale.

A Bag or Bulletin Board (any place where a child may choose a heart)

The rap above


The procedure is pretty much explained within the rap!  It’s simple like that and also leaves it up for personal interpretation 🙂

*Hint: Having Staff and Teachers join in by playing shakers, agogo bells, hand drums, etc. is a great way to increase group morale (the kids love when the teachers play along)

Have fun and Enjoy!