With Valentine’s day coming up, I thought it best that I too add a little something into the Activity/Song mix. My husband and I are big fans of Bob Marley, more my husband than myself, but I thought I would take one of his “ballads” and adapt it for my almost-itty-bitties (aka 3-5 year olds).

One Love, One Heart: A Matching Song

Chorus: One Love, One Heart
Let’s Get together and Feel Alright
Here Her Say  “I Found You” (One Love)
Here Him Say “I Found You” (One Heart)
Let’s find a friend and we will feel alright
Let’s get together and feel all right

Let’s Look around for a heart to catch
Look for a heart that’s a match match match
It could be stripes, it could be solids too
Let’s find a heart that looks just like you


You’ve found your match and you know it’s true
That’s because they are a friend to you
Each heart comes together in a special way
Because you’re all friends on this Valentines Day


Original Song: Bob Marley, Adapted Lyrics: Meryl and Michael Brown

Matching Heart Game:

Matching and Sorting are great skills to be teaching at this time.  What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day and a growing love of learning than to mend those broken hearts!  So that is what this activity is!  Not to mention of course, addressing that wonderful socialization goal that most of my kids have.  The kids will walk around the room and find the heart that fits their own.  When found, they will piece them together and hold them high and say “I Found You, Friend”!

These hearts were really easy to make too!  Thanks to Hobby Lobby and my handy dandy Sharpie 🙂

This activity can also be done solo, as one child can go ahead and piece the puzzle together.  For younger children, just having the broken heart as a solid color with no patterns will work best.  Having to match both colors and a pattern involve a more complex thought process than just colors or just patterns and the younger the child, the more simple the thought process.  Just like introducing and following one-step directions before two-step directions, simple to complex.