I have been using a parachute in my group practice since my internship (almost 7 years ago, EEK!).  Not only a parachute, but I have been pretty diligent in using a specific song for any parachute work I do!  Why?  Because this song touches on all of the goals that I am looking to achieve within the group.  Early Childhood lends itself to some pretty standard goal areas, one of which is overall gross motor movement.  Parachutes are the perfect way to achieve full motion in a group setting.  After several years of the pretty much using the same song, I had decided to elicit the help of the “Music Therapists Unite!” Facebook group (a group for and by Music Therapists!), it’s kind of like an updated list-serve.

I just put it out there:




And I received several responses from Music Therapist’s around the country within minutes! It sparked quite the idea share, so I made it a bit simpler to read (names, places and such have been removed).

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What activities, interventions and songs do you utilize in your groups?